On leaving school I began working in a florist shop, but this was the 1980s, and floristry was a pretty generic industry in those day, and I soon found myself becoming bored. Having always been one who is ready for a challenge I decided to change career, and I retrained as a nurse. My nursing career spanned over 20 years and saw me working for many years in intense environments such as A&E and mental health. I then found myself climbing the ladder within healthcare where I eventually became head of paediatrics at a huge corporate healthcare company.

At this stage I was working over 60 hours a week and spending most of my time away from home. I was overworked and felt under valued and sure enough, the inevitable happened. I burnt out. I realised I needed to take some time out to recover and re-evaluate my life. Why was I working all the hours? This was not sustainable – I needed to take control of my life, and if that meant another career change and being my own boss for the first time, then that was what I would do!

So, I decided to return to floristry, but…

  • I knew it had to be in a way that would allow me to be creative and have my own style.
  • I knew I wanted to offer a bespoke service with great customer service and really creative designs.

I launched my business with only my corporate experience to guide me. Although these years had taught me plenty that would be invaluable for my development now, it was not always helpful.

I had no idea how to niche my business or how to price to make a profit, and an ideal client was an alien concept to me! So, I learnt. I took several courses and found a great business coach and thanks to this eclectic and varied life story, I now know exactly what you need to get your business moving.

I will be there every step of the way to offer you support, encouragement and advice. Let’s be clear here, there are no short cuts to success. Your focus needs to be inspiration and information in equal measure, and only you can make this happen.

“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart”




I started the 4-week career course in Nov 18, unhappy with my current job and wanting to build a career around creativity. Kerry and her team gave me the best start, teaching me the practical side of floristry and the business side of running your own enterprise. Kerry is an expert in what she does and is always willing to share her experiences and help you develop. 3 months on I’m meeting brides and designing installations for events; I couldn’t be happier.